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Can aging societies be as innovative as they need to be?

February 2, 2017

Innovation Factory

With the population aging fast, the public budget, pension schemes and healthcare systems are under growing stress. Politicians look for economic growth to alleviate these problems. Yet, as the active labour force shrinks, so does GDP. Can innovation come to the rescue by boosting productivity? This question is raised by Andreas Irme, Professor of Macroeconomics […]


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How being multilingual can spur innovation

January 25, 2017

Stay Tuned

To help solve complex issues, why not learn a new language? Speaking more languages not only allows you to connect with people, but as bilingual brains also look and work differently from monolingual ones, it assists you in terms of problem-solving. The critical period hypothesis says that children use both hemispheres in language acquisition, giving […]

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South Korea and Nordic countries dominate Bloomberg’s 2017 Innovation Index

January 20, 2017

Innovation Factory

South Korea tops the international charts overall according to Bloomberg’s 2017 Innovation Index, followed by Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Finland. Nordic countries dominate the top 15. In contrast, Russia was dealt a huge blow by the experts, plunging 14 spots to number 26. South Korea is ahead in research and development intensity, patent activity and […]