XXIX ISPIM Innovation Conference

June 17, 2018


The International Society for Professional Innovation Management holds this 3-day multi-track conference in Stockholm, aimed at researchers, managers, executives and consultants with a passion for innovation management. Leading innovation thought leaders will present hundreds of presentations and workshops on the latest thinking in innovation management, while visitors can network with other innovation professionals from 50 countries […]

training and upskilling employees for innovation

Why upskilling your workforce could be the answer to your innovation challenges

March 14, 2018

Innovation Factory

As businesses continue to grow, new technologies and solutions come to the fore, and business innovation proves to be more important than ever, companies are stepping up their hiring rates to fill the growing skills gap. Yet the answer could be in your existing workforce.

rise in demand of CIO in 2018

The rise in demand of the CIO in 2018

January 11, 2018

Innovation Factory

As businesses recognise the potential of innovation in both workforce and technology, the demand for Chief Innovation Officers (CIO) is expected to rise in 2018, according to recruitment firm Hays.

maksen telecom network predictive maintenance

How predictive maintenance can promote innovation in the Telecom sector

October 9, 2017


Mathias Hubert and Togo Ribeiro, managers in Beijaflore Consulting Group, help you put in place an effective predictive maintenance strategy.

University of Maryland online Master in Corporate Innovation - Learning Just do It

University of Maryland opens online Master in Corporate Innovation

June 14, 2017

Innovation starters

Applications for the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Corporate Innovation from the University of Maryland are open until 15 July. The 100% online, 15-month programme targets learners interested “in acquiring the knowledge, competencies, and relationships to solve innovation challenges within established companies and large organisations”. Combining online experiences with award-winning faculty, the MPS in […]

Eddit Rabbitt step by step inspiration

5 tips to make change a part of your company culture

April 4, 2017


Rumman Ahmad, an MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership from Buffalo State University, talks about how corporate change can seem so daunting and how to navigate it step by step.


When are firms most likely to innovate?

October 25, 2016

Practitioners' Guide

Conventional wisdom suggests that big firms invest less in disruptive technologies, to which Professors J.P. Eggers and Aseem Kaul add a new perspective. They report a ‘fundamental mismatch between the pursuit of path-breaking new innovations and their likelihood of success’.

EU profile

For SME seeking EU funding for innovation

August 19, 2015

Innovation Factory

If you are looking for European Union (EU) funding, you know that the right timing, legislation and bureaucracy involved makes applying a demanding task. The YourEUprofile website allows you to generate a unique profile that helps you find appropriate calls for proposals and apply for available funding programmes. Over €100 billion are spent on EU projects every year, inside and outside Europe.

5 - innovation-to-the-core

Innovation to the core – A Blueprint for Transforming The Way Your Company Innovates

March 23, 2015

Selected Books

PETER SKARZYNSKI AND ROWAN GIBSON, 2008 If you want to make innovation systematic in your company, and not just an isolated lucky strike, this is a book not to miss. A compelling guide on corporate innovation with an introduction by the management guru Gary Hamel.

2 - beyond the obvious

Beyond the Obvious: Killer Questions That Spark Game-Changing Innovation

March 23, 2015

Selected Books

PHIL MCKINNEY, 2012 After popular podcast and blogging experiences, Phil set himself to gather in a book key questions that will make you think on how to innovate and create in today’s market.