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Google’s Digital News Initiative funds new round of innovative projects

September 29, 2017

Innovation Factory

Over 350 projects in 29 European countries have been awarded 70 of the 150 million euros of The Digital News Initiative (DNI) Innovation Fund, which aims to empower journalism through technology. Applications for the fourth round of Google’s contest are open until October 12.

european comission eu prize for women innovators 2018 women entrepreneurs

The EU recognises outstanding women entrepreneurs

September 20, 2017

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For the fifth consecutive year, EU Prize for Women Innovators will be recognising women entrepreneurs. Applications are open until 15 November.

edison awards 2018

Edison Awards 2018 nominations are now open to honour excellence in innovation

August 17, 2017

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Nominations for the 2018 Edison Awards are now open until 17 November, to celebrate excellence in new products and service developments, marketing, human-centered design and innovation across the world.

technology changing art

When technology transforms art

June 1, 2017

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From prehistoric drawings in caves, art and technology have walked hand in hand, influencing, pushing and challenging each other. But, as in all human activities, technological evolution is today having a wider, more profound and somehow unpredictable impact on both art creation and the industry itself.

Work 2.0

May 25, 2017


This conference focuses on the intersection of people, workspaces and technology. It will cover issues on how to enhance productivity, collaboration, mobility, flexibility, motivation, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship within every organisation to help inspire people to thrive at work.

the moonshot - Man sets foot on the moon

How should governments push innovation?

May 24, 2017

Innovation Factory

From war effort-driven inventions through to John F. Kennedy’s challenge to put man on the moon, governments have pushed innovation forward throughout history. But should governments invest directly in innovation, or do it by inviting companies to invest and giving them better conditions to do so?

Sir Ken Robinson's Ted Talk on education

Almost 45 million people have watched this

May 3, 2017

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“We are educating people out of their creativity”, whereas we should be promoting it as a key competence for the decades ahead. This is the main message echoing from Sir Ken Robinson’s bright and entertaining TED Talk, “Do schools kill creativity?”, already watched by almost 45 million people worldwide.

Learning is the only way to turn failure into sucess

Flops at the museum

April 28, 2017

Innovation Factory

We have heard time and again that failures are to be celebrated, but a new museum will now take this saying to a new level. A BIC pen designed “for her” and a mobile device just for tweeting are some of the commercial flops to be seen at the new Museum of Failure, set to open on June 7 in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Look for fantastic innovating people to make impacts on people's life

17 pioneering solutions for social and environmental challenge

April 13, 2017

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Drones that deliver vaccines, medicine and blood transfusions in rural Rwanda, and a project that seeks to eradicate poaching by giving farmers education and access to premium markets for their products, are some of the winners of the Schwab Foundation’s 2017 Social Entrepreneurs awards.

Modern economy worldwide

50 things that made the modern economy

March 1, 2017

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We have all read stories about Google or the iPhone and probably also about antibiotics. But what about concrete or shipping containers? Hosted by British economist Tim Hardorf, the “50 things that made the modern economy” podcast sheds new understanding on ideas, inventions and innovations that have changed and helped to build the world we […]