transform and unilever launch open call for social open innovation

Calling all social entrepreneurs: achieving sustainable development through open innovation

May 9, 2018

Innovation Factory

As part of their mission to drive progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UK’s DFID and Unilever have launched an open call for social enterprises to share their ideas, harnessing the power of open innovation through the TRANSFORM initiative.

CRU Kafe producers

Customers are demanding “brands that are about more than just profit”

June 7, 2017


Colin Pyle, the co-founder of CRU Kafe, an ethical, organic coffee brand, is also an adventurous, innovative spirit, and a closer observer of the London start-up scene.

the moonshot - Man sets foot on the moon

How should governments push innovation?

May 24, 2017

Innovation Factory

From war effort-driven inventions through to John F. Kennedy’s challenge to put man on the moon, governments have pushed innovation forward throughout history. But should governments invest directly in innovation, or do it by inviting companies to invest and giving them better conditions to do so?

sustainable cities

EIT Climate-KIC hackathon 2017 opens applications for city hosts

May 18, 2017


The Climate-KIC Climathon, a global 24-hour climate change hackathon promoted by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), is looking for cities to host the event on 27 October.

Look for fantastic innovating people to make impacts on people's life

17 pioneering solutions for social and environmental challenge

April 13, 2017

Innovation Factory

Drones that deliver vaccines, medicine and blood transfusions in rural Rwanda, and a project that seeks to eradicate poaching by giving farmers education and access to premium markets for their products, are some of the winners of the Schwab Foundation’s 2017 Social Entrepreneurs awards.

urban buzz

Can ageing societies be as innovative as they need to be?

February 2, 2017

Innovation Factory

With the population aging fast, the public budget, pension schemes and healthcare systems are under growing stress. Politicians look for economic growth to alleviate these problems. Yet, as the active labour force shrinks, so does GDP. Can innovation come to the rescue by boosting productivity?

Teach in Conference

October 26, 2016


The Teach-In conference taking place October 26–27 at The Harvard Innovation Lab, in Boston, USA, offers an unpretentious format: simple 90-minute whiteboard sessions run by some of the world’s top corporate innovators. All participants are invited to ask questions and share their thoughts. Know more here.


Do you have the skills to change the world?

June 15, 2016

Innovation starters

If you’ve ever wanted to design innovative solutions for problems you care about, Lynn University and Amani Institute’s Master of Business Administration in Social Innovation Management now offers a roadmap to creating or working within social enterprises. You’ll gain business and management skills and participate in a customised apprenticeship in an organisation matching your interests. […]

Social Innovation Summit

June 7, 2016


The twice-annual event takes place in Washington, DC and Silicon Valley, representing a global convening of black swans and wayward thinkers. Where most bring together luminaries to explore the next big idea, the summit aims at bringing together those hungry not just to talk about the next big thing, but to build it.

innovative glasses for blind people

These glasses may help the sight impaired to get about more easily

June 18, 2015

Innovation Factory

If you’ve seen Richard Linklater’s animated film ‘Waking Life’, with its minimalistic images, you may be able to visualise the Smart Specs experience, as VA-ST start-up co-founder Stephen L. Hicks explains on MIT’s Technology Review website. These depth-sensing and augmented-reality lenses can assist people with sight impairment to move around more easily.