three chief innovation officer speak about the role of CIO

What 3 Chief Innovation Officers have to say about their role

February 2, 2018


Three Chief Innovation Officers tell us what makes this recent role so important to the success of every business and why companies should be hiring people just like them.

rise in demand of CIO in 2018

The rise in demand of the CIO in 2018

January 11, 2018

Innovation Factory

As businesses recognise the potential of innovation in both workforce and technology, the demand for Chief Innovation Officers (CIO) is expected to rise in 2018, according to recruitment firm Hays.

Looking ahead to business innovation in 2018

The top 5 business innovation trends for 2018

December 7, 2017

Innovation Factory

The year 2017 saw a rapid pace of digital transformation in global business, and the coming year will be no different. From AI to the fundamental power of the people, we look at the top 5 trends that are set to define business innovation in 2018.

South Summit Startup Competition 2017

October 4, 2017


South Summit is one of the leading startup conferences in Europe aimed to prove to the world the talent, the innovation and the opportunities from South.

KPMG technology innovation survey

Technology innovation at full steam around the world

March 29, 2017

Latest Reports

As innovation goes beyond Research and Development, the Chief Innovation Officer is the main person responsible for guiding technology innovation within organisations, say 35% of the executives surveyed by KPMG’s Global Technology Innovation report.

Young - employee engagement

How innovation can help you conquer the Millennials

March 8, 2017


Aylin Olsun, a leading consultant on leadership and innovation in Turkey, tells us why innovation can help companies attract and retain increasingly demanding employees.

Business priorities of innovation CEO's

Innovation tops CEOs’ business priorities for the year

February 16, 2017

Latest Reports

More CEOs put innovation first, when asked which priorities they want to strengthen to capitalise on new opportunities. In its twentieth edition, the ‘PwC CEO Survey’ listened to 1379 leaders worldwide to understand how businesses are facing today’s challenges.

all connected - next energy fuel Data

Get ready for the next energy fuel: Data

February 7, 2017


Filipe Mota Pinto, recently nominated Financial Times Top 50 Future Leader Worldwide on Diversity Causes, shares 7 ways for energy companies to stay ahead in the race.


Employee motivation is not a carrot on a stick

January 5, 2017

Advanced Learning

Every workplace has a certain set of expectations as to the company’s and employee’s respective roles. Overwhelmingly, those expectations seem to be that the company provides the work, and it’s up to the employee to motivate themselves to get it done.

‘Fourteen Interview Questions to Help You Hire Your Next Innovator’

March 8, 2016

Advanced Learning

Agility, strategic imagination, provocative inquiry, creative problem-solving are some of the capabilities you have to look for.