Robot AI - How many years until they replace us

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Can AI write best-selling books?

June 22, 2017

Advanced Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already starting to reshape our reality. The impact and transformation potential are exciting, though they can also be unsettling. For AI experts, the question is not whether the so-called “high-level machine intelligence” (HLMI) can outperform us in terms of efficiency on tasks and costs, but when. Machine learning researchers surveyed by Oxford University believe there is a 50% chance it will happen within 45 years.

In activities such as driving a truck, translating languages, creating a top-40 song or assembling any type of LEGO, the change could take place within a decade. We may also live to see AI writing a New York Times’ best-selling book (by 2049) or performing surgery (by 2053). All this will bring new challenges in terms of laws, security and infrastructure, which we should start to assess now, experts warn.

In 120 years, our future generations may live to see the automation of all human jobs. Where we live seems, however, to influence expectations about the transformation ahead. Asians predict the HLMI boom will happen within 30 years, while North American experts expect it will happen in 74 years’ time. To see more results of this study, read here.

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