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How employee incentives promote workplace innovation

March 22, 2017

Advanced Learning

Corporate spaces are designed to be harmless and sterile, eliminating distractions so employees can do their work. They rely on cubicles, meetings, and reward-punishment management to maintain this environment – without any fun extras to stimulate employees’ minds.

The problem? Employees who are bored shut down. 70% of employees are disengaged at work, and many of them exhibit symptoms of depression due to work-related stress, sedentary lifestyles, or the negative effects of commuting. This causes them to procrastinate, lose morale, or look for more engaging work elsewhere.

But for all the harmful work environments, there’s an increasing number of good ones. Employers are discovering that – if they want employees to be engaged and innovative – they have to lead the way with innovation practices and with innovative workplace incentives.

Workplace incentives indeed set the tone for the environment: standard incentives lead to a boring environment; unusual incentives a fun, creative one. Read on to learn which extreme workplace perks are sparking the most employee innovation.

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