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The Big Data events for innovation managers

June 18, 2019


Along with Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and machine learning, Big Data is one of the concepts that is shaping the future of business innovation. and it’s evolving incredibly fast. To keep up with the latest developments and learn more about leveraging your data assets, here are 5 Big Data events that deliver actionable insights for innovation managers across the globe this year.

  1. TDWI San Diego/Orlando

Part of the TDWI series that takes place globally, the last two Big Data events are hosted in San Diego, California (18th-23rd August), and Orlando, Florida (10th-15th November), to help business leaders overcome today’s data challenges. The events offer applicable training and insights to succeed in the next generation of data and analytics, equipping leaders with the skillsets to overcome these challenges. Attendees will also learn how to build a modern data infrastructure that will help their organisations succeed with AI and machine learning.

  1. Predictive Analytics World

This series of conferences brings together Fortune 500 companies to talk about how they use Big Data to create predictive analytics models for charting future trends. Speakers in London (16th-17th October) and Berlin (18th-19th November) will describe how companies can use Big Data to create actionable business intelligence across a broad range of public- and private-sector environments like banking and retail.

  1. DataX New York

More than 450 business leaders and data scientists will gather in New York on the 6th-7th November to learn, network and develop the future of AI and data science for business. The event brings the latest thinking from these fields, through a combination of deep, technical demonstrations and practical advice for data strategy to shape the future of businesses.

  1. AI and Big Data Expo

Exploring and debating the advancements in AI and Big Data, as well as their impacts and opportunities, the AI & Big Data Expo takes place in Santa Clara, California. It welcomes IT decision-makers, developers, heads of innovation and data officers and features dedicated tracks including Enterprise AI & Digital Transformation, Data Analytics for AI & IoT and Big Data Strategies. The event runs alongside the IoT Tech Expo, the Blockchain Expo and the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, attracting 13,000 attendees over two days (13th-14th November).

  1. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit will share new strategies and dissect best practices in data and analytics, but also in areas such as digital transformation and business intelligence based on Gartner research. The event on the 19th-20th November in Frankfurt, Germany, will offer practical tools to leverage data and analytics, overcome complexity and ambiguity, drive innovation through leading technologies and build a foundation of trust, accountability, governance, security and privacy.

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