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Calling women leaders: these innovation events are for you

January 16, 2019


In the age of digital transformation, leaders today are faced with new challenges to innovate and compete in business. But while more companies are committed to gender equality in the workplace, just a quarter of senior roles across the world in 2018 were held by women. For those women leaders, we have rounded up the events specifically aimed at the development of females (and males) at the top of the ladder:

  • Simmons Leadership Conference – April 18th (Boston, USA)
    Sponsored by Boston-based Simmons University for almost 40 years, the Simmons Leadership Conference is the continuation of the mission of its founder to “enable women to acquire independent livelihoods”. More than 3,400 middle and senior-level women from companies and organisations across the globe attend the conference. The speakers are prominent professional women and thought leaders on women in the workplace, who are looking to inspire others to reach higher to achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Women’s Leadership Conference – April 30th-May 1st (New York, USA)
    “Standing Up, Being Counted: Leaders Driving Change and Measuring Results” is the theme of the 15th annual Women’s Leadership Conference in New York. Organised by the Conference Board, the event convenes female and male innovation leaders to demonstrate how to drive change in 2019. They include women CEOs, directors and founders forging their own paths and paving the way for others; C-level men leading networks to advance women’s leadership; and companies transforming recruitment, talent management and approaches to mitigate bias. Each session of the conference is interactive, shaped by the voice of its 200 participants.
  • Global Female Leaders 2019 – May 13th-14th (Berlin, Germany)
    Described as a “female Davos”, the Global Female Leaders is an economic forum and network that asks how we can ensure that women and men develop their leadership skills to create a promising world for future generations. The summit brings together high-achieving women leaders, enabling the start a dialogue and work out a roadmap for shaping the future. A wide range of aspects are covered at the event, from vital questions of the world economy to exemplary initiatives, new markets and fields of action for companies, and innovative visions and strategies.

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