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Disruption in the spotlight this September

August 19, 2019


This year, the Disruption Summit Europe will celebrate its three-year anniversary by looking back on all the things that have changed since it first began. The event, which will take place on the 10th of September in London, will focus on three main topics: Technology, Innovation and Purpose.

Instead of just tackling Digital Transformation, the summit wants to look beyond it and analyse the transformations that are required to integrate purpose as the governing force within companies.

Recognising that innovation is not achieved by individuals, but rather by interconnected network that involve technologies, industry sectors and companies, the goal is to foster convergence and allow participants the opportunity to interact with each other, exchange ideas and develop a common vision of the innovation sector.

Convergence and collaboration
The emphasis on collaboration and networking permeates the event – currently, the Disruption Summit Europe 2019 is working on a planning and networking app that will allow attendees to connect with each other and which will promote peer-to-peer roundtables and workshops.

The speakers of the 2019 summit – over 50 ‘disruptors’ – include internationally renowned companies, such as Lego and Vodafone, but also government officials, nonprofits and universities.

Summit highlights
Aimed at senior executives looking to guide their organisations in the digital and post-digital eras, the Disruption Summit Europe is the place to be in September. The most anticipated event is, of course, Disruption50 – the presentation of the UK’s 50 most disruptive organisations, chosen by a panel of experts from international companies and organisations.

The Disruption Summit Europe Exhibit is also one of the highlights, as it will allow attendees to see 25 different exhibitors with a proven track record of disruption through innovation. Tickets are available here.

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