Gartner paves the way for a workplace revolution

August 11, 2016


Are you ready to transform your workplace and take employee engagement and innovation at work to a new level? As every business inevitably becomes a digital business, Gartner Digital Workplace Summit will provide the insights, strategies and best practices to help you make this transition – and make the most of it. The summit takes place in London on 21 and 22 September.

The impact of emerging technologies is growing stronger in the workplace, and the workforce is getting more digitally savvy, bringing companies challenges and opportunities. At the London event, Gartner specialists will share their experience of how to facilitate more effective ways of working and draw a strategic roadmap for digital workplace initiatives: from building flexible computing environments to improving user experiences and leading organisational change initiatives.

The summit’s agenda is designed for four main target groups, namely, digital workplace leaders, enterprise architecture professionals, human resource professionals and application development, content and collaboration specialists. You can find out more here.

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