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The 50 smartest companies in 2017 – MIT editor’s pick

September 13, 2017

Innovation Factory

Apple, Space-X, Amazon and Facebook all feature in MIT Technology Review’s list of the 50 smartest companies in 2017, which may not surprise you. Yet some incumbent companies also make the ranking, along with start-ups such as Carbon, Face++ and Gamalon.

In an era of digital superstars, California and its Silicon Valley still dominate the list of companies that “best combine innovative technology with an effective business model”. It is home to 18 of the 50 names picked by MIT’s editors, including four of the top-five leaders.

IBM, Merck, Adidas and General Electric, amid other giants, also remain in the lead. These firms are generating new opportunities with technologies like AI, blockchain, biomedicine and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Rising start-ups are also recognised, such as 3D printing company Carbon, machine intelligence company Gamalon, and Face++, a Chinese platform that is leading facial recognition.

Can you guess who is number one in the ranking? Check here.

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