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Business leaders’ agenda for 2017

December 21, 2016

Innovation Factory

Value networks, connected innovation, technology combinations and digital assembly lines will make business leaders’ agendas in the coming year. As change becomes a constant, organisations are expected to engage in ‘a more holistic digital transformation’. This is one of Nicholas D. Evans’ five digital business predictions for 2017 in his Computerworld.com article.

Evans, the author of Mastering Digital Business, believes a growing number of world firsts will be coming out of the corporate sector, ‘as vertical industries refine their mastery of digital business’ and the gap closes between the technology sector and large organisations. He says Barclays’ introduction of contactless cash and blockchain trade finance transactions is an example of this trend.

The practice and discipline of innovation management will evolve further as well, both at the front and back end of the innovation life cycle. Because companies depend on ongoing digital transformation to survive, ‘tapping into a new breed of innovation management software’ will be key to maximising their chances for success.

Read more about Evan’s five digital business predictions for 2017 here.

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