Innovation plays a critical role in hedge fund management, say KPMG, AIMA and MFA

November 17, 2016

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Greater investment in innovation and technology can create new competitive advantages and help hedge fund managers address regulatory and operational issues, a new study has found. KPMG International teamed up with the Alternative Investment Management Association and Managed Funds Association to produce the report, ‘Transformative Change: How Innovation and Technology Are Shaping an Industry’.

This survey polled more than 100 global hedge fund managers, who represent US$300 billion in assets under management. Almost all (94 percent) believe innovation can bring advantages over the competition in the next five years, and 90 percent say they are investing in technology to improve data control and compliance in the face of cybersecurity fears and tighter regulations.

For 88 percent of these hedge fund managers, efficiency objectives are also a top reason to invest in innovation and technology. Almost half (58 percent) also expect technology to improve transparency. The poll highlights as well that 32 percent are already using predictive analytics to find new trends and opportunities, although 42 percent – mostly smaller funds – are unsure of the value these innovations can bring.

Get the full survey here.

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