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How to launch innovation in schools

October 23, 2019

Innovation starters

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Microsoft have joined forces to empower educators to become change leaders. By promoting a holistic and participatory view of leadership, the course ‘Launching Innovation in Schools’ is aimed at educators, principals and superintendents who want to take their schools to the next level, introducing innovative initiatives that bring school education to the 21st century.

The course syllabus emphasises strategies to rally people for a common vision and deal with the ups and downs of change, facing the challenges together and being prepared to make adjustments by measuring the effectiveness of new initiatives. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Bringing people together around ideas they care about
  • Refining a vision and creating coherence
  • Getting started with a new instructional improvement initiative
  • Working together through challenges and successes
  • Measuring progress and adjusting along the way

The course instructors are two scholars from MIT who have made education the focus of their work: Justin Reich, Assistant Professor of Comparative Media Studies, and Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability. It’s a 12-week course that will require between 2-4 hours a week. It is completely free, though students must pay an additional €44 for a verified certificate.

This course is useful for teachers and education leaders struggling with stagnated practices and who wish to bring innovation to their schools. It recognises that changing old practices is difficult and shares strategies to get everyone on board to try new things.

There are many people committed to revolutionising the education system around the world but lack the resources to do so – this is the right course to find out how to make it happen.

‘Launching Innovation in Schools’ starts on February 4th 2020 and registrations are open. With almost 19,000 people already enrolled, this is your chance to become part of a global movement for change in education.

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