Do you have the skills to change the world?

June 15, 2016

Innovation starters

If you’ve ever wanted to design innovative solutions for problems you care about, Lynn University and Amani Institute’s Master of Business Administration in Social Innovation Management now offers a roadmap to creating or working within social enterprises. You’ll gain business and management skills and participate in a customised apprenticeship in an organisation matching your interests.

After completing Lynn’s foundation courses, on campus or online, covering topics in marketing, human resources and financial accountability, you’ll move on to Amani’s 10-month programme. The curriculum combines online and in-person courses in Nairobi, Kenya, or São Paulo, Brazil, in an intensive global experience of cross-boundary social interactions.

The Amani Institute is a non-profit whose mission is to equip leaders with the skills, insights and knowledge to drive positive social change. You can request more information or apply for admission here.

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