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Three months to develop and pitch your startup

October 19, 2016

Innovation Factory

Dubai has officially launched the Future Accelerators programme, designed to turn the city into an innovation hub. The new startup incubator offers training and investment opportunities to selected entrepreneurs – giving them access to two million US dollars of venture capital per month.

The Dubai Future Accelerators pairs companies and entrepreneurs ‘with powerful partners in Dubai to create breakthrough solutions together’. In three intensive months, those chosen for the programme have to develop a prototype or business plan to be tested in Dubai. Seven key twenty-first century civic challenges are being given priority: health, finance, energy, security, education, infrastructure and transportation.

Thirty companies out of 2,274 applicants have been selected to participate in the programme. After these startups’ final pitch, investors and government entities will be able to decide in which solution to invest.

Learn more about it here.

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