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Two handfuls of extraordinary innovations

September 8, 2016

Innovation Factory

The report was already published in July, but the findings have the potential to impact the years and decades to come. In their ‘IV Disruptive Innovations’ report, Citi’s bank global research team compiles ‘Ten More Things to Stop and Think About’, advising clients to invest in them.

Wide bandgap semiconductors to ‘let devices operate at much higher temperatures, voltages, and frequencies while being smaller and more reliable’ are one of the ‘big opportunities’ identified. Others include new plastic sea pipe technology, big data analytics to make oil and gas production cheaper, as well as bendable technology, contextual commerce, direct-to-consumer marketplace and robots being produced with collaborative open source software.

Epigenetics is also expected to offer new approaches to cancer treatment, while new delivery methods will improve gen ocular drugs efficiency.

Read the full report here.

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