A world of innovators meets in Berlin

September 1, 2016


From 6 to 9 December, experts, designers, brand ambassadors, industry leading speakers and innovation thought leaders will gather for the seventh annual edition of the World Innovation Convention (WIC) in Berlin. In over 50 sessions, WIC will promote new ideas and business transformation, delivering practical and actionable insights.

This year’s edition has a broad agenda: from problem solving and design thinking through to funding projects and managing projects, identifying challenges, transforming strategies, and becoming an innovation leader. The event also gives attendees the chance ‘to meet and greet directly businesses who have delivered a long and sustained record for innovation throughout their history’, including Philips IBM, McLaren, MasterCard, Coca-Cola and Sony Music.

Besides interactive sessions, WIC offers workshops by C-level executives, thought provoking keynotes by leaders, storytelling clinics for building brand experiences and industry sessions delivering in-depth intelligence. WIC also features first line brands’ strategies and case studies, celebrating those who have repeatedly generated landmark innovations in their industries.

To register, visit Inno-world.

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