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These 35 innovators under 35 are shaping what comes next

October 12, 2017

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MIT Technology Review has released its “35 Innovators Under 35” annual outlook, including some of the most talented, brilliant young minds in the areas of energy, materials, transportation, biotechnology, communications, web and computer hardware. The list recognises the development of new technology and the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems, in five main categories: pioneers, inventors, visionaries, humanitarians and entrepreneurs.

Amongst this year’s inventors, you will find Svenja Hinderer, who created a biodegradable heart valve that may eliminate the need for repeat surgery, and Ian Goodfellow, who has developed a way for neural networks to improve by working together. Jianxiong Xiao and his company AutoX, which aims to make self-driving cars accessible, is one of the winners of the entrepreneurs’ category.

The pioneers’ selection features Jessica Brillhart, a forerunner in virtual-reality film-making, as well as Jenna Wiens and her computational models to identify patients who are most at risk of a deadly infection. Abdigani Diriye, who founded Somalia’s first incubator and start-up accelerator, and Greg Brockman, who has focused on making sure that AI benefits humanity, are some of the named visionaries.

Finally, the humanitarians’ list offers inspiring examples, such as those of Eyad Janneh, who has rescued endangered civilians in Syria with local materials, and Katherine Taylor, whose simple water pump could transform the lives of millions of farmers in India.

These outstanding innovators are a reminder that behind every innovation “are people with dreams, fears, and ambitions”, who, as MIT says, sometimes “hack away at a problem for years before figuring out a way forward”. The nominations for the 2018 Innovators Under 35 list are now open and the winners will be chosen, as usual, by a jury of MIT Technology Review editors.

Meet the 35 innovators on this year’s list here.

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