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Flops at the museum

April 28, 2017

Innovation Factory

We have heard time and again that failures are to be celebrated, but a new museum will now take this saying to a new level. A BIC pen designed “for her” and a mobile device just for tweeting are some of the commercial flops to be seen at the new Museum of Failure, set to open on 7 June in Helsingborg, Sweden.

A portable mask that literally shocks the wearer (once promoted by Dynasty star, Linda Evans) and the Harley Davidson perfume, said to smell like urine, will also be on display. They are part of psychologist and innovation researcher Samuel West’s collection of 50 failed innovations. Inspired by Croatia’s Museum of Broken Relationships, West has now decided to open a gallery to showcase these failures and provide visitors with “a fascinating learning experience”.

Originally launched in 1989, then relaunched in 2015, Donald Trump’s board game is also part of the exhibition. Yet not all flops are potentially amusing. Kodak’s first digital camera is a reminder of a company’s failure to adapt its business model, which ultimately led to bankruptcy in 2012, leaving 160,000 people out of jobs.

You can take a sneaky peek at the new museum here.

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