Ocean intoxicated by plastic get a second life

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Mobile phones and plastic removed from beaches get a second life

February 23, 2017

Innovation Factory

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic winners will take home a new and unique sort of medal, made from the small amounts of precious metals that can be found in mobile phones and small appliances. We’ve also recently seen how wearing recycled plastic on your feet has never been more fashionable. Now, Head & Shoulders has announced a shampoo that promises to clean your hair and help keep the oceans clean as well.

Focused on reducing costs and promoting sustainability, the 2020 Olympics’ electronic-waste recycling project will ask the Japanese to donate old gear in order to forge the 5,000 medals needed for the games. Boxes will be placed in offices and telecoms stores to gather the required materials. Until now, the metal for the medals has traditionally been obtained from the host countries’ mining firms.

Meanwhile, also surfing the sustainability wave, Head & Shoulders has announced the production of the first shampoo bottles using recycled plastic removed from beaches and waterways. Most shampoo and conditioner bottles already use recycled materials, but Head & Shoulders claims this is the first made of 25 percent recycled marine plastics. The new shampoo bottles will be available this coming summer in France.

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