A world built by Lego in which you can actually work

July 20, 2016

Innovation Factory

Lego’s new corporate headquarters project in Billund, Denmark, is every child’s – and grownup’s – dream come true. Architect CF Møller designed the building to encourage people to collaborate, taking creative working spaces to a whole new level.

Known for its employee-centric culture, Lego wanted a place where people could see each other from every different floor and angle. Employees have also been asked to participate in planning an open, quality, and sustainable office space, where all feel welcomed and inspired to create and work together.

Under its Scandinavian façade, the building appears to be structured around allusions to the company’s signature bricks. Planned as a small city, it will offer makerspaces, a fitness centre, courtyard atriums, play and lounge areas and rooms for visitors to sleep, as well as a mini-golf course.

Take a closer look here.

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