The bridge of San Francisco, leader in innovation and talent concentration

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Innovation and talent concentration linked to economic (and real estate) success

June 6, 2019

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Not only do the cities that combine strong innovation capabilities and talent concentration outperform in economic terms, but they also attract higher real estate capital. The conclusions were drawn by real estate firm JLL in its recent Innovation Geographies report, which quantified the Innovation and Talent strengths of 100 cities globally.

The analysis focused on the key elements of innovation – such as attraction of venture capital, R&D expenditure and international patent applications – and talent – among which was the education level of the population, demographics and employment in high-tech industries.

An innovation heavyweight, San Francisco topped the global innovation ranking, followed by Tokyo and Beijing. The city of London came first when it comes to the concentration of talent, with San Francisco and Washington DC in second and third place, respectively.

See where your city placed in the Global Top 20 ranking.

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