line of broken lightbulbs of bad ideas leading to a good idea

Why innovation managers shouldn’t be ignoring bad ideas

March 20, 2019

When it comes to the principles of brainstorming, one of the basic mantras is that no idea is a bad idea. That may not be entirely true, but, besides encouraging people not to censor themselves for fear of ridicule, bad ideas can often lead to good ideas.

training and upskilling employees for innovation

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Could upskilling your workforce be the answer to your innovation challenges?

March 14, 2018

As businesses continue to grow, new technologies and solutions come to the fore, and business innovation proves to be more important than ever, companies are stepping up their hiring rates to fill the growing skills gap. Yet the answer could be in your existing workforce.

‘How to use Incremental Innovation to beat the competition’

By Jonathan Doro, office supervisor at Innovbook

‘Apple watch: a triumph of incremental innovation’

By Chris Kalaboukis, chief technology officer, startup founder, inventor, blogger

‘If Incremental Innovation dominates then we lose the future’

By Paul Hobcraft, advisor and facilitator on Innovation Transformation

‘Risks of Incremental, Differential, Radical, and Breakthrough Innovation Projects’

By Altin Kadareja, Consultant at Prometeia

‘How to manage both incremental and radical innovation projects in parallel’

By Bengt Järrehult, director of Innovation and Knowledge Management at the SCA headquarters in Sweden

‘How To Delight Customers With Incremental Innovation’

By Rod Ebrahimi, contributor at Forbes on entrepreneurship, leadership, and financial technology

‘The inevitability of incremental innovation’

By Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

‘Incremental Innovation’

By Eric Nee, managing editor of the Stanford Social Innovation Review

‘Incremental Innovation Is Just As Powerful As Disruption’

By Tomasz Tunguz, venture capitalist at Redpoint and author of a blog about startups, fund raising and best practices for entrepreneurs

‘Incremental Innovation Vs. Disruptive Innovation debate’

By The Economist

‘Incremental Innovation Vs. Radical Innovation’

By the Incremental Innovation team

‘The power of incremental innovation’

By Sandeep Kishore, corporate VP and global head of sales and practice for Engineering and R&D Services at HCL Technologies

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What is disruptive innovation?

By Rosamond Hutt, Senior Producer at Formative Content

‘Disruptive Innovation: a flawed idea?’

By John Parkinson, affiliate partner at Waterstone Management Group, in Chicago

‘The Fallacy of Disruptive Innovation’

By Karl Ulrich, vice dean of innovation and CIBC professor of entrepreneurship and e-commerce at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, USA

‘Effectuation and Disruptive Innovation’

Interview with Philippe Silberzahn, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at EMLYON Business School

‘Emerging Market Disruptive Innovations’

By Constantinos C. Markides, Robert P. Bauman professor of Strategic Leadership at London Business School

‘A New Approach to Manage Disruptive Innovation in an Environment of High Uncertainty’

By Jose A. Briones, director of operations of SpyroTek Performance Solutions

‘Which is Disruptive Innovation?’

Interview with Tony Ulwick, founder and CEO of Strategyn

‘Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change’

By Clayton M. Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School, and Michael Overdorf, dean’s research fellow at HBS

‘Disruptive Innovation Explained’

By Clayton M. Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School, world’s authority on disruptive innovation

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‘The era of open innovation?’

By Charles Leadbeater, researcher at the London think tank Demos

‘On Open Innovation’

By Stefan Lindegaard, author, speaker, strategic advisor on open innovation, innovation management / culture and the people side of innovation

‘Open innovation’

By Henry Chesbrough, professor at UC Berkeley, known for having coined the term ‘open innovation’

‘Overcoming the Challenges to Successful Open Innovation’

By Peter von Dyck, founder and CEO of eZassi

‘Study Demonstrates the Link Between Collaboration & Growth’

By Paul Sloan, author and public speaker on lateral thinking and innovation

‘Open innovation success stories’

By Ideaconnection team

‘Open Innovation for small companies’

By Jeffrey Baumgartner, writer and speaker on creativity, innovation and anticonventional thinking, author of the book ‘The Way of the Innovation Master’

‘For Philips, Open Innovation is Vital to Stay Ahead of Competition’

Steven Vaassen, Open Innovation leader at Philips Consumer Lifestyle, interviewed by François-Eudes Ruchon, OI manager at SpecialChem

‘7 Steps to Open Innovation: How to Grade your Company’s OI Capabilities’

(webinar) Presented by Innocentive, with Stefan Lindegaard, author, strategic advisor and founder or 15inno You can download the free book here.

‘Open Innovation Community’

(website) From Sparkhouse, a Newport Beach, California-based video marketing, advertising, and media production studio

‘15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies & Startups’

By Stefan Lindegaard, author, strategic advisor and founder or 15inno

‘Everything You Need to Know About Open Innovation’

By Henry Chesbrough, professor at UC Berkeley, known for having coined the term ‘open innovation’

‘Open Innovation Past and Present’

Henry Chesbrough, father of the term ‘open innovation’, interviewed by Oana-Maria Pop, marketing and branding professional

‘China: Creating growth via incremental innovation’

By Jason Yu, general manager at Kantar Worldpanel, China

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“21 Employee Engagement Ideas”

By Jock Purtle, Founder of Digital Exits

incentives for increasing employee engagement

How employee incentives promote workplace innovation

March 22, 2017

Corporate spaces are designed to be harmless and sterile, eliminating distractions so employees can do their work. They rely on cubicles, meetings, and reward-punishment management to maintain this environment - without any fun extras to stimulate employees' minds.

Is employee engagement worth it? Good&Co shows how much

June 1, 2016

Is it simply a ‘feel-good initiative’ or is employee engagement truly effective? If you’re in charge of an innovation programme and you need to get your teams on board, you most likely know already how relevant this is. Good&Co, a self-described ‘matchmaker-slash-headhunter in a lab coat’, now helps everyone visualise engagement results with an infographic […]

‘How to Create a Culture of Sustainable Engagement in Enterprise Innovation’

Presented by with several participants

‘Five Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Now’

By Robyn Reilly, senior consultant at Gallup

‘23 Sources of Iatrogenic Disengagement’

By David Zinger, consultant and founder of the global 6,100 member Employee Engagement Network

‘5 Ways Leaders Enable Innovation In Their Teams’

By Glenn Llopis, Forbes contributor and founder of Glenn Llopis Group

‘Only Engaged Innovation Teams Succeed’

By Rui Patricio, co-founder and CEO of Continue to Grow and Juan Cano-Arribí, founder and CEO at Plantel

‘Together we innovate’

Several authors, including Rob Cross, associate professor at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, and Robert J. Thomas, executive director of Accenture’s Institute for High Performance Business in Boston

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training and upskilling employees for innovation

Could upskilling your workforce be the answer to your innovation challenges?

March 14, 2018

As businesses continue to grow, new technologies and solutions come to the fore, and business innovation proves to be more important than ever, companies are stepping up their hiring rates to fill the growing skills gap. Yet the answer could be in your existing workforce.

Employee motivation is not a carrot on a stick

January 5, 2017

Every workplace has a certain set of expectations as to the company's and employee's respective roles. Overwhelmingly, those expectations seem to be that the company provides the work, and it's up to the employee to motivate themselves to get it done.

‘Fourteen Interview Questions to Help You Hire Your Next Innovator’

Agility, strategic imagination, provocative inquiry, creative problem-solving are some of the capabilities you have to look for.

hiring for innovation

What to look for when hiring for innovation: a handful of tips

July 23, 2015

As change speeds up and new digital approaches disrupt entire sectors, companies worldwide feel increasingly pressured to capture the best and most innovative talent. But can you distinguish a follower from a potential leader (to rephrase Steve Jobs’ celebrated quote)? What skills and qualities should you be looking for when hiring new people? Hunt for […]

How to recruit, manage and retain talent – by Reid Hoffman

A visual summary of LinkedIn Chairman’s book ‘The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age’

‘How To Manage Talent In The Networked Age’

Forbes exclusive interview with Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn Chairman and author of ‘The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age’

‘The surprising truth about what motivates us’

By Daniel Pink, author of five stimulating books on transformations occurring in the world of work, including ‘A Whole New Mind’ (New York Times best seller)

‘What Maslow’s Hierarchy Won’t Tell You About Motivation’

By Susan Fowler, senior Consulting Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies, and author of ‘Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work…And What Does’

‘21st-Century Talent Spotting’

By Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, senior adviser at Egon Zehnder and the author of ‘It’s Not the How or the What but the Who

‘The Case for Innovation and Talent Management’

By Alf Martin Johansen, CEO at Induct, and Michael Rivers, head of Xpedite Consulting at NHS Innovations London

‘Unlocking Talent is a Key to Organizational Agility and Innovation’

By Chuck Frey, senior editor and founder of

‘New HR and Talent Partnerships to Drive Innovation Value’

By Anthony Ferrier, CEO of Culturevate

‘Talent Assessment for Hiring, Promotion and Development’

By Michael Haid, senior VP for Right Management’s Global Solutions, and Joanne Adams Stroud, senior VP, Talent Management with Right Management

‘Talent scouting’

By Branko Djordjevic, contributor at Management Innovation eXchange (MIX)

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“Idea Management 101: The Ultimate Guide To Driving Innovation”

By Indre Kulakauskaite at Idea Drop

line of broken lightbulbs of bad ideas leading to a good idea

Why innovation managers shouldn’t be ignoring bad ideas

March 20, 2019

When it comes to the principles of brainstorming, one of the basic mantras is that no idea is a bad idea. That may not be entirely true, but, besides encouraging people not to censor themselves for fear of ridicule, bad ideas can often lead to good ideas.

people putting together pieces of the puzzle for collective intelligence

Why collective intelligence matters and how companies can build it

February 23, 2018

The brightest minds and biggest disruptors have always led innovation and changed the shape of business. But over the years, both studies and real-life examples have shown that the “power of many” can be much more forceful. In many ways, collective intelligence is the future of organisations everywhere.

‘The Creative Power of the Many’

Interview with Linda A. Hill, the Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration and faculty chair of the Leadership Initiative at HBS

The wisdom or madness of crowds? Kickstarter vs. the National Endowment for the Arts

May 15, 2015

Harvard Business School’s study (HBS), ‘Wisdom or Madness? Comparing Crowds with Expert Evaluation in Funding the Arts’, brings us to a recurrent question of particular value in the fields of business and innovation: Who is wiser and performs better in decision-making – crowds or experts? HBS Associate Professor Ramana Nanda and Ethan Mollick of the […]

‘How to Harness Collective Intelligence’

By Mike Durst, from Itonics GMBH

‘The Future of Collective Intelligence: What’s next in collaboration driven innovation technologies?’

By Ron Shulkin, blogger, researcher and writer

‘Collective intelligence and practice-based innovation: an idea evaluation method based on collective intelligence’

By Juho Salminen, researcher at LUT Lahti School of Innovation, and Vesa Harmaakorpi, adjunct professor at LUT

‘Collective Intelligence. A Conversation with Thomas W. Malone’

Interview with Thomas W. Malone, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

‘Sitting on Untapped Potential – The Power of Your Organisation’s Collective Intelligence’

By Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

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‘ chief champions gamification in business’

J.P. Rangaswami, chief scientist at, interviewed

‘LinkedIn founder: Don’t be blind to gamification’s value’

Reid Hoffman, co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, interviewed

‘A Gamification and Innovation Success Story: Portugal Telecom’

By Adina Kaufman, senior editor and storyteller at TSSS

‘Fun and Games – Changing the World of Innovation Assessments’

By Jeffrey Phillips Raleigh, VP Marketing for OVO/NetCentrics

‘Better Ideas Through Gamification’

By Matthew E. May, advisor and founder of EDIT Innovation

‘The Future of Creativity and Innovation is Gamification’

TED Talk by Michael Stanleigh, CEO at Business Improvement Architects, conference and motivational speaker

‘Gamification of the Innovation Process’

By Michael Allen, innovation and idea management expert, speaker and blogger of ‘Everything Brilliant starts with an Idea’

‘Companies can use gamification as a doorway to innovation’

By Lucas Mearian, journalist at Computerworld – covers consumer data storage, consumerization of IT, mobile device management, among other subjects.

‘Ready to play the innovation game?’

By Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s CEO and co-founder, and Francisco de Rhodes Sérgio, VP Inbound and Sales for LATAM

‘How to Turn Ideas into Innovation through Gamification’

By Charlotte Ritter, technology analyst for TechnologyAdvice

‘How to gamify innovation’

By Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner, Inc. and author of ‘Gamify, How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things’

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disrupt business

Which business model will disrupt your industry?

August 26, 2015

No business model lasts forever, as Uber, Bitcoin, Coursera and others have shown. With game rules changing faster than ever, how can your company overcome orthodoxies to evolve successfully? How can you remain relevant when faced with disruption coming from inside and outside your industry? Here are two stimulating readings: ‘Disrupting beliefs: A new approach […]

‘Do businesses care about sustainable behaviour change?’

By John Drummond, chairman of sustainable change at Corporate Culture

‘Creating Consistent Innovation Capability’

Jeffrey Phillips, VP Marketing and a lead consultant for OVO Innovation, interviewed by

‘Leadership and Capability’

A video presentation by Carly Fiorina, former HP CEO

‘Innovation as a Virtuous Cycle’

By Kevin Riley, entrepreneurial healthcare leader and principal of Kevin Riley & Associates | Business Model Innovation for Healthcare

‘Bringing Maturity to the Front-End: 5 Best Practices for Building Capability’

By Paul O’Connor, founder and managing director of The Adept Group

‘Four Approaches to Fostering Companies’ Innovation Capability’

By Carmen Kobe, leader of the Creativity and Innovation research group at Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH, Zurich, and Ina Goller, advisor in organisational and HR issues

‘Innovation and Building a Next Generation Organisation’

By Cris Beswick, strategic advisor on innovation and author of ‘The Road to Innovation’

‘7 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation’

By Stephan Vincent, director of Cultural Transformation at Collidea

‘Creating Consistent Innovation Capability’

Jeffrey Phillips, VP Marketing and a lead consultant for OVO Innovation, interviewed

‘Here’s Why You Need to Build Your Innovation Capability’

By Tim Kastelle, academic director – consulting programs at University of Queensland Business School

‘How to Assess your Organization’s Capability to Innovate’

By Matthew Griffin, founder of the Institute for Innovation and Business Management and disruptive business innovator

‘Building Innovation Into Sustainability: Keep Ahead Of Your Competitors’

By Christopher P. Skroupa, CEO at SKYTOP Strategies

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‘Managing Innovation in a Global Company’ (webinar)

Featuring Markus Ferrigato, director of Innovation Operations at Swarovski

‘Why We Need to Innovate Globally and Locally’

By Linda Bernardi, technology strategist, founder and CEO at StraTerra Partners

‘Big Companies Can Unleash Innovation, Rather than Shackle It’

By Scott Anthony, managing partner of Innosight

‘The perception of obstacles to innovation. Multinational and domestic firms in Italy’

By Simona Iammarino, professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics and Political Science

‘Leading Innovation in Multinational Subsidiaries – Part 1’

By Brian Mooney, Strategos network partner, specialised in business growth and innovation

‘The Innovation Vacuum: Why Do Most Large Companies Suck at Innovation?’

By John K. Coyle, senior vice president – Culture of Innovation at Maddock Douglas

Webinar - Innovation in multinational organisations

‘How to effectively run innovation initiatives in multinational organizations’

Featuring Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

‘10 Rules for Managing Global Innovation’

By Keeley Wilson, senior researcher working at INSEAD, and Yves Doz, Solvay chaired professor of Technological Innovation at INSEAD

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‘Never Give Up on Measuring Innovation’

By Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

‘Innovation Measures’

By Bill Poston, consultant, speaker and writer on the topics of innovation

‘Disappointed By Innovation Results? It’s The Culture!’

By Joachim von Heimburg, innovation architect and executive advisor

‘How To Measure Innovation (To Get Real Results)’

By Soren Kaplan, keynote speaker on corporate innovation and author of the award-winning bestseller ‘Leapfrogging’

‘7 Tips for outcome-driven innovation’

By Kristen Jordan Fotter, senior Innovation consultant at Brightidea

‘How Do I Measure Innovation?!?’

By Mark Malinoski, senior associate of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, and Gail S. Perry, VP of Strategic Solutions in this institute

‘How to Measure the Innovation Process and its Results’

By Langdon Morris, co-founder of InnovationLabs LLC

‘It works! The results equation’

By Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s CEO and co-founder

‘How do you Measure Innovation Results and Outcomes?’

By Chuck Frey, InnovationTools, and Hitendra Patel, The Center for Innovation Excellence & Leadership, Hult International School of Business

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Group reunited using tech

Women matter for the future of technology

March 8, 2017

Societies change throughout time as technology evolves. Or is it the other way around? As the business world seeks to include a broader and more diverse workforce, tech companies too have realised that gender diversity is a must-have in highly-competitive markets. In light of the International Women’s Day, learn more about the benefits of women […]

The Party Isn’t Over: A Deep-Dive into Why Unicorns Will Bounce Back in 2017

By Toby Clarence-Smith, lead finance blog editor at Toptal

Busting the Top 5 Myths About Remote Workers

By Scott Ritter, senior supervisor at Toptal

‘Exponential Organisations Are the Future of Global Business and Innovation’ by Rokk3r Labs Chief Executive Officer

July 9, 2015

The short-term real estate rental market site Airbnb owns no property, but it has been valued at $20 billion, accumulating over ‘1 million listings in more than 34,000 cities’. Uber – ‘leveraging the abundance of available drivers and the power of algorithmic pricing software’ – is another success example. Designed for ‘rapid, almost effortless growth’, […]

‘The future of work – New skills for a new economy’

By GE Look ahead

‘CIOs prepare for the wearable workplace’

Several IT leaders interviewed

‘The Future of Medtech – Applying the Power of Innovation’

By several authors, including Anders Johansson, partner at Arthur D. Little’s Gothenburg office, and Björn Axling, manager at this same office

‘A CIO’s survival guide to consumerization’

By Harun Asad, business development manager

‘The digital forces shaping the future of work’

Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice at London Business School, interviewed

‘Social, mobile, connected: the tools reshaping the workplace’

Richard Edwards, principal analyst at Ovum, interviewed

TED Talk - workforce crisis in 2030

‘The surprising workforce crisis of 2030 – and how to start solving it now’

TED Talk by Rainer Strack, senior partner and managing director at the Boston Consulting Group, where he is global leader of the HR topic

‘The Future of Work 2.0’

Thomas Malone, professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, interviewed by Harvard Business Review

‘What will future jobs look like?’

By Andrew McAfee, researcher, writer and teacher about technological progress and its effects

‘The Future of Work – The Transformation from Within’

By Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder, and Francisco de Rhodes Sérgio, Exago’s VP Inbound and Sales for LATAM

‘The Future of Work – The new order’

By Time magazine

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“How AI could revolutionise healthcare”

by Adam Crawford – Digital Marketing Consultant at CRAMS

Is big data a threat or opportunity in a disruptive world?

August 8, 2017

Waves of disruption are increasing and businesses are more quickly redesigning better products to meet consumers’ expectations. Big data is playing a major part in this. With established brands and companies facing growing competition, executives, innovators and entrepreneurs need to start looking at big data and the opportunities it brings for positive change.

How data will transform business

By BCG’s Philip Evans – the Big Data guru

‘The Full Potential of IoT’

By Prasad Joshi, vice president & general manager of Research, at Infosys

‘IT leaders should aim high within the C-suite’

Matt Graham-Hyde, head of IT at WPP’s data investment management group Kantar, interviewed

‘The big impact of big data on business and society’

Tech leaders interviewed, including Harper Reed, the former CTO of Obama for America, and Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT professor of digital business

‘The new imperatives for enterprise storage’

Dan Warmenhoven, executive chairman of NetApp, interviewed

‘A roadmap for the Internet of Things’

CIOs and technology thought leaders – Jeroen Tas, Tsuneo Kawatsuma, Vito Di Bari, Mark Hurst and Joseph Reger – interviewed

‘Why CIOs should be leading the digital revolution’

Oliver Bussmann, UBS CIO, and Vito Di Bari, innovation designer, interviewed

‘Big data, the Internet of Things and the CIO’

IT leaders interviewed

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Robot AI - How many years until they replace us

Can AI write best-selling books?

June 22, 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already starting to reshape our reality. The impact and transformation potential are exciting, though they can also be unsettling. For AI experts, the question is not whether the so-called “high-level machine intelligence” (HLMI) can outperform us in terms of efficiency on tasks and costs, but when. Machine learning researchers surveyed by Oxford University believe there is a 50% chance it will happen within 45 years.

‘Spectacular Crowdfunding Fails And Their Impact On Entrepreneurship’

By Nermin Hajdarbegovic, technical editor at Toptal

‘The New Wave of Entrepreneurship’, by Matt Dawson

May 25, 2016

In April 2007, ‘Apple changed everything with the launch of the iPhone’. Lawyers, doctors, car mechanics and professionals across all sectors have, since then, embraced technology as a work-and-beyond tool, writes Matt Dawson, managing partner at Silicon Valley Software Group. A door has been opened: industry executives in contact with – and a deep understanding […]

‘The Five Hottest Innovation Trends’

By Robert B. Tucker, President of The Innovation Resource Consulting Group

‘So Happy Together: The Right Kind of Collaboration’

By Matt Palmquist, freelance business journalist based in Oakland, Calif

A 12-year-old app developer

By Thomas Suarez, @TEDX

‘Open or die: Innovation led by open source’ – Jim Whitehurst keynote recap

By Jason Hibbets, community manager for

‘From Crowdsourcing to Kony 2012: Macrowikinomics – New Solutions for a Connected Planet’

By Don Tapscott Group

‘Human centric innovation’

Masami Yamamoto, Fujitsu president, interviewed

‘Innovation: Snake oil, placebo or wonder drug?’

By Jeffrey Phillips Raleigh, VP Marketing for OVO/NetCentrics

‘The Eight Pillars of Innovation’

By Susan Wojcicki, senior vice president of YouTube

‘50 Great Innovators, One Better Future’

By Chris Sherwin, head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell

‘Sustainability: the business imperative’

Alison Rowe, global executive director for Sustainability at Fujitsu, interviewed

‘Tomorrow’s world: a guide to the next 150 years’


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