Do you have what it takes?

‘What does it take to be a great innovation manager?’

By Julian Keith Loren, consultant and author, from General Electric and the Innovation Management Institute

‘Seven things the competent Innovation Manager should know’

By Jeffrey Baumgartner, writer and speaker on creativity, innovation and anticonventional thinking

‘The Innovation Manager: role, competencies and skills’

By Dirk Ameel, career coach

‘The role of an Innovation Manager’
‘How to: drive leaders to embrace innovation change – practical advice for the Chief Innovation Officer’

By Mike Friedman, Kalypso partner

‘The path to becoming a Chief Innovation Officer’

By Jyoti Lalchandani, group vice president and regional managing director for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey at global ICT market intelligence and advisory firm International Data Corporation (IDC)

‘What is management’s role in innovation?’

By Jim Heskett, Baker Foundation Professor, Emeritus, at Harvard Business School.

Chief innovation officer or director of innovation?

At an executive level, the distinction between a director of innovation and a chief innovation officer (CIO) is not always clear – this often depends on a hierarchy established within organisations to serve functional needs; but not rarely, they are the same.

‘A Chief Innovation Officer’s actual responsibilities’

By Alessandro Di Fiore, founder and CEO at ECSI

‘The role of the Chief Innovation Officer’

By Mark W. Johnson, co-founder and senior partner of Innosight

‘Seeking a chief Innovation Officer or an alchemist?’

By Luis Solis, global executive and consultant in the collaborative innovation market

‘Two books for the Chief Innovation Officers’

By Doug Collins, innovation management consultant for a social innovation company