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How to retain Millennials and Gen Zers

February 12, 2020

Companies today find they are struggling to engage and retain a generation of creative Millennial and Generation Z employees. How can they win them over?

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Rethinking innovation in R&D

November 21, 2019

Management consulting firm Arthur D Little has launched a new series of insight-sharing events to help prepare companies for the future of R&D. ‘Rethinking Innovation’ begins in December and will run throughout 2020.

Four innovation ways for solving problems

Innovation is not a one-way road

June 28, 2017

Organisation leaders often act as if innovation has one path only, failing to see it as a complex, multifaceted business discipline, with a set of tools to meet different objectives. In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, the speaker and innovation advisor Greg Satell explores four different types of innovation and how each can solve problems, thus helping companies choose the best strategy for innovation. The author of the book Mapping Innovation draws a matrix based on two questions: How well can we define the problem? and How well can we define the skill domain(s) needed to solve it? The answers can help leaders more easily identify the most adequate of four innovation strategies for doing specific tasks or solving specific problems, Greg explains. Often the most popular type, sustaining innovation can help companies get better at what they already do and strengthen their offer on an ongoing basis. Breakthrough innovation allows leaders and managers to explore unusual abilities, using, for instance, open innovation initiatives. Coined by Clayton Christensen, disruptive innovation goes deeper, questions what you have and what you are, and pushes companies to innovate business models. Finally, basic research can help organisations unveil trends and new phenomena allied with innovation. To explain the relevance of choosing the right strategy and of keeping your sources of innovation open, Greg tells the story of a marine biologist who solved a one-million-dollar problem and still offered everyone dinner. Learn how here.
Are creativity and innovation that alike?

How to create meaningful innovation

July 13, 2016

Designing innovation requires more than just problem solving. Andrew Sinclair, product development manager of Motovated Design & Analysis in Christchurch, New Zealand, recalls a statement made by Stanford’s school of design: know your users, and care about their lives. Similarly, Philips, the leading health technology company, says that meaningful innovation is about understanding people and their experiences. Both Philips and Stanford thus suggest that ‘truly meaningful innovation occurs when designers and engineers study people, not technology’, notes Sinclair. In an article published on the Idealog website, he argues that, even though innovation frequently is connected to technology, great innovation needs to focus on human-centric problems. Designers and engineers must learn how to be ‘analytical and empathetic’ at the same time. This means they should understand what’s happening in specific situations and how to make end-users’ heavy weights lighter – or to remove them altogether. Read the full article here.

What’s your definition of innovation?

April 28, 2016

Nick Skillicorn, chief editor and founder of Idea to Value, asked 15 experts this same question, including Paul Sloan, Drew Boyd, Stephen Shapiro, Robert Brands, Mike Shipulski, Jeffrey Baumgartner and Gijs van Wulfen, among others. Having become a buzzword, innovation is not as easy to define as one would think. Have you tried doing this exercise? Quite often, answers focus on creativity, new technologies or breakthrough ideas, yet innovation is much more than that. And the room left for greater innovation in organisations may be inadequate precisely because their definition of this strategy is frequently only partial. Based on his findings, Nick suggests experts cite – often more than once – these nine common nine common defining characteristics of successful innovation ranging from having and executing ideas to addressing real challenges to add value to companies and customers. All in all, innovation is ‘executing an idea which addresses a specific challenge and achieves value for both the company and customer’, says the Idea to Value chief editor. Would you agree? Read the full story here.

‘The 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs’

By Jonathan Doro, office supervisor at Innovbook

‘The Innovators’

From Sparkhouse, a Newport Beach, California-based video marketing, advertising, and media production studio

‘Is Innovation More About People or Process?’

By Andrea Ovans, senior editor at Harvard Business Review

‘When innovation takes on a mission’

By Subu Goparaju, senior vice president and head of Infosys Labs

‘Innovation: Snake oil, placebo or wonder drug?’

By Jeffrey Phillips Raleigh, VP Marketing for OVO/NetCentrics

‘The Role of Innovation in Strategy’

By David Silverstein, CEO and founder of BMGI, and Phil Samuel, BMGI’s chief innovation officer

‘The truth about innovation?’

By Brian Miller, innovative design engineering consultant

‘How to Create an Innovation Mission Statement’

By Harun Asad, business development manager

‘How do you Define Innovation and Make it Practical and Saleable to Senior Management?’

By Innovationtools, with several contributors

‘The Eight Pillars of Innovation’

By Susan Wojcicki, senior vice president of YouTube

‘What is Innovation? (It’s Not Creativity)’

By Stefan Lindegaard, author, speaker, strategic advisor on innovation

‘What is Innovation?’

By Jeff DeGraff, dean of innovation, author and thought leader

‘The 5 Myths of Innovation’

By Julian Birkinshaw, professor of Strategic and International Management at LBS; Cyril Bouquet, professor of Strategy at IMD, Switzerland; Jean-Louis Barsoux, senior research fellow at IMD

‘What is Innovation?’

By Rafa Galeano, motion designer and filmmaker

‘What is Innovation Governance? – Definition and Scope’

By Jean-Philippe Deschamps, emeritus professor of Technology and Innovation Management at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland

‘What is Innovation?’

By Greg Satell, strategy and content contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review

‘The discipline of innovation’

By Peter F. Drucker, hailed by BusinessWeek as ‘the man who invented management’

‘Idea Management: How to Select the Right Solutions to Implement’

By Jeffrey Baumgartner, author/editor of Report 103, popular newsletter on creativity and innovation in business

‘Innovation Management’

By Deepika Malhotra, HR professional at New Media Guru

‘How to Successfully Implement Collaborative Idea Management’

By Magnus Karlsson, director of New Business Development and Innovation at Ericsson, Stockholm

‘What is idea management?’

By Oliver, CEO and partner at Nosco

‘Why is innovation management so important to corporate?’

By Scott MacFarland, digital marketer and brand strategist

‘How to manage innovation’

By Greg Satell, strategy and content contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review

‘Proven Models’

A web based library of reusable and exchangeable management models – endorsed by Paul L. Iske, chief knowledge officer, at ABN Amro; and Henk W. Volberda, vice-dean, at RSM Erasmus University

‘How Dreamworks, LinkedIn and Google Build Intrapreneurial Cultures’

By John Webb, international marketing director for Cloud Computing and SMB at Rackspace Hosting Limited

‘Google’s greatest innovation may be its management practice’

By Bruce Nussbaum, author of the book ‘Creative Intelligence’ and assistant managing editor at Business Week

‘Who’s the boss? In some companies, it’s nobody’

By Renuka Rayasam, freelance writer for the BBC

‘Management Innovation’

By Julian Birkinshaw, professor of Strategic and International Management at the LBS, and business and innovation manager expert Gary Hamel

‘The Why, What, and How of Management Innovation’

By Gary Hamel, the ‘world’s leading expert on business strategy’, according to Fortune magazine

‘Why management needs to reinvent itself’

By Gary Hamel, ranked by Wall Street Journal as ‘the world’s most influential business thinker’

‘Rethinking Innovation with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ by Faisal Hoque

October 14, 2015

‘Does anyone remember the Newton, Apple’s failed personal digital assistant?’ Or Toshiba’s HD-DVD bet?, wonders Faisal Hoque. Read more here.

‘Think as an innovator’

By Jeff Dyer, professor at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management and coauthor of ‘The Innovator’s DNA’

‘Beyond Tech and Elusive Geniuses – The Everyday Innovation Heroes’

By Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s CEO and co-founder

‘Innovator’s mindset: 7 Skills of Effective Innovators’

By Jag Randhawa, technology executive, author of ‘The Bright Idea Box’

‘How to Find your Unique Innovation Mindset’

By Mark E. Miller, director of Marketing for Emergenetics International

‘Lessons in innovation from the world’s most creative thinkers’

By Ali Rushdan, designer and builder of prototypes for financial services products, and Alrick Pagnon, creative development and partnership lead of the Creative Innovation Global Conference

‘The Innovator’s DNA’

By Jeffrey H. Dyer, professor of Strategy at Brigham Young University; Hal Gregersen, professor of Innovation and Leadership at INSEAD; and Clayton M. Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School

‘Driving the process of innovation’

Presented by Khan Academy, with the Silicon Schools Fund and the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

‘Innovation toolkit’

By Geovanny Romero, certified NPDP plant manager at Renovallanta-ContiLifeCycle, and managing director at NPD Strategy in Andean Region

‘100 images for visual brainstorming’

By Marc Heleven, cross industry innovation expert, co-founder of 21 Lobsterstreet

‘How to generate good ideas’

By Column Five Media – Ross Crooks and Josh Ritchie as creative directors; produced by Nick Miede and Ian Klein

‘Gamestorming – A toolkit for innovators, rule-breakers and changemakers’

By Gamestorming team – a toolkit for innovators, rule-breakers and changemakers

‘Ideation and the 90:10 Rule’

By Matthew Griffin, founder of the Institute for Innovation and Business Management and disruptive business innovator

‘The 7 All-time Greatest Ideation Techniques’

By Chuck Frey, senior editor and founder of

‘How can we increase insight?’

By Tim Kastelle, academic director – consulting programs at University of Queensland Business School, Australia

Where good ideas come from?

By Steven Johnson, best-selling author of four books on the intersection of science, technology and personal experience

‘Idea Challenges – you get what you give’

By Jan Martijn Everts, innovation consultant at Innovation Factory in the Netherlands

‘Build an innovation engine in 90 days’

By Scott Anthony, managing partner of Innosight; David Duncan, senior partner; Pontus M.A. Siren, principal in the firm’s Singapore office

‘Catalyzing Innovation in Your Team’

By Frank Barrett, author of ‘Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz’

‘Inventing Products is Less Valuable Than Inventing Ideas’

By Michael Blanding, senior writer for Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

‘The Role of Innovation in Strategy’

By David Silverstein, CEO and founder of BMGI, and Phil Samuel, BMGI’s chief innovation officer

‘10 Ways to Select Ideas’

By Tim Kastelle, academic director – consulting programs at University of Queensland Business School, Australia

‘Effective idea selection is critical to systematic innovation’

By Robert B. Tucker, president of The Innovation Resource Consulting Group and author of ‘Driving Growth Through Innovation’

‘Methods of Measuring Ideas for Innovation’

By Rui Santo, researcher and MBA professor, at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, consultant in Creativity to Innovation

‘Idea evaluation methods and techniques’

By Miroslav Rebernik, professor of Entrepreneurship at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor, Slovenia; and Barbara Bradač, assistant professor

‘Making the Right Idea Investment Choices – Idea Evaluation at Scale’

By Colin Nelson, director of strategic consulting at Hype Innovation

‘How to pick the right idea?’

By Jeff DeGraff, dean of innovation, author and thought leader

‘How to Pick the Right Innovation and Set It on a Road Towards Success’

By Phil Samuel, BMGI’s chief innovation officer; Michael Ohler, principal at BMGI; and Mark McMurray, senior client partner with the firm

‘Moving from the Front to the Back End of Innovation: Idea Evaluation’

By Doug Collins, innovation architect

‘Thinking big’

By Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO

‘Design’s role in innovation’

By Design Council, UK Government’s advisor on design

‘Pen & Paper Tools for getting from Research to Design’

By Kate Rutter, strategic sketcher at Intelleto

‘Funding Innovation: These successful companies know how to do it right’

By Bob Eckert, CEO & Co-Founder at New & Improved, LLC

‘5 ways to bridge the implementation gap’

By Harvey Briggs, strategist with 30 years of leading edge work with Fortune 100 companies

‘Implementing ideas: baby steps’

By Jeffrey Baumgartner, writer and speaker on creativity, innovation and anticonventional thinking, author of the book ‘The Way of the Innovation Master’

Are creativity and innovation that alike?

Are creativity and innovation that alike?

December 29, 2015

Though we may feel compelled by experience to believe creativity and innovation are similar, recent research shows key differences, writes leadership team consultant Roger Schwarz in Harvard Business Review. While creativity is usually considered the first stage of innovation, what facilitates creativity may sometimes ‘hinder innovation – and vice versa’, he notes in his article, […]

‘The Design Kit’

A step-by-step guide to unleashing your creativity, by Ideo

‘Creativity and Lateral Thinking in Business’

By Paul Sloane, author and public speaker on lateral thinking and innovation Other Paul Sloane free tools >

‘Tales of creativity and play’

TED Talk by Tim Brow, CEO of the innovation and design firm IDEO

‘Does Encouraging Creativity in the Workplace Improve Innovation?’

By Paul Sloane, author and public speaker on lateral thinking and innovation

‘Turning creative ideas into successful businesses: 13 inspiring stories from 2014’

By Erin Schulte, senior editor at

‘Creativity networks in the brain’

Rex Jung, assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of New Mexico, interviewed by organisational anthropologist Judith E. Glaser

‘How Can we Improve Creativity and Innovation Capabilities?’

Sven Andrén, partner at Googol Business Navigator, interviewed by Innovation

‘7 habits of highly creative people’

By Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work

‘The 6 myths of creativity’

By Bill Breen, founding senior editor of Fast Company and the co-author, with Gary Hamel, of ‘The Future of Management’

‘Why You Should Embrace Creativity Within Your Culture’

By Jeffrey Fermin, cofounder of Officevibe

‘Can Creativity be Taught? Results from Research Studies’

By Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work

‘What is creativity’

By Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work