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11 innovations changing the world today

April 11, 2018

Innovation Factory

Sophia the Robot may be one of the best known, but the Edison Awards recently recognised several other of the most innovative products for 2018. Besides Sophia, we have selected 10 innovative products conceived by the world’s most talented innovation leaders, in areas ranging from Social Innovation and Collective Disruption to Health & Wellness.

1. Sophia Robot by Hanson Robotics
The famous Sophia is able to simulate over 60 facial expressions, track and recognise faces, look people in the eye and hold natural conversations.

2. The Production System™ by Desktop Metal
This is the first metal 3D printing system for mass production that competes with traditional manufacturing processes; it is up to 100x faster than today’s fastest additive systems and up to 20x lower the cost.

3. SKYLINE + PURETi Façade System by Neolith by TheSize
Through an architectural surfacing partnership with PURETi, the SKYLINE ventilated façade collection creates low-maintenance commercial and residential building exteriors thanks to breakthrough photocatalytic surface cleaning and pollution-regressive technology.

4. Avaya Customer Happiness Index and Behavior Pattern Analytics by Avaya
By securely collecting and automatically analysing customer interaction data from multiple sources in real time, the Avaya Happiness Index helps businesses identify industry-wide behaviours and compare their performance to market peers without exposing competitive information.

5. Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA)™ by Averon US, Inc.
This ultra-secure solution for identity verification improves conversion rates, reduces fraud and minimises churn. Using real-time data signalling from carriers and SIM/eSIM chips to identify users, the DAA platform is the new gold standard of identity verification.

6. PERCH Interactive Retail Displays by Perch
With embedded IoT technology uniting digital content with physical products, PERCH is the first mixed reality retail marketing platform that detects what products customers are touching and picking up in stores, responding with dynamic content and delivering personalised messaging.

7. MATRIX™ Technology by Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company
This technology provides hardware and software for retrofit or newly built aircraft, designed to carry humans on-board, so that a regular person can operate airplanes or helicopters. No knowledge of flying is needed and only a few hours of training required.

8. BRAINS4BOTS™ SDK by Neurala
With partnerships with Motorola Solutions and The Lindbergh Foundation, among others, to aid in locating persons of interests and anti-poaching efforts, Neurala’s Lifelong Deep Neural Network (L-DNN)™ technology enables machines to learn after deployment in the field.

9. Secdo Endpoint Security and Automated Incident Response Software by Secdo
The first end-to-end platform for advanced threat management, hunting, investigation, response, remediation, and defence, Secdo converges automation, endpoint security & incident response to reduce operational costs and response times while increasing productivity and scaling resources.

10. WeWALK by Young Guru Academy (YGA)
This innovative smart cane integrates with smartphones to increase visually disabled people’s ability to move independently. It also promotes full-participation into social life via its obstacle detection, smartphone integration and open platform features.

11. Signatera™ by Natera®
Is the patient responding to treatment? Is the patient at high risk of recurrence? Is the patient disease-free at the molecular level post-treatment? These are the key clinical questions that can be answered by Signatera, designed to be the first cancer diagnostic test using ctDNA technology personalised for every patient’s tumour.

See the full list of the winners of the 2018 Edison Best New Product Awards here.

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