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3 creativity courses for innovation managers

March 29, 2019

Innovation starters

Now more than ever, understanding how creativity works and is triggered can enhance a culture of innovation within organisations. This means that, in order to drive a successful innovation programme, innovation managers should cultivate their creative mind to compete in business today. These three courses have been developed to do just that:

Addressing different ideas about the cause of creativity and key approaches to innovation in organisations, this free course is an introduction to creativity and innovation in a business context. With six hours of study, it helps understand the roles of skill, experience, motivation and culture in creative endeavours, differentiate between radical and incremental innovation, and looks at how to take advantage of open innovation.

Developed by RWTH Aachen University, this six-week course focuses on how leaders can drive innovation and creativity in their company and how they can turn ideas into successful products and services. It covers topics such as managing different types of innovation projects (from radical to continuous innovation), how open innovation works and the importance of soft skills and leadership capabilities to manage innovation successfully, among others. The course is free and requires between six and eight hours of effort per week.

This specialisation is aimed at both aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs, as well as employees interested in becoming innovative leaders in an increasingly volatile and complex business world. Offered by the University of Illinois, the course emphasises the importance of creativity and innovation in business, as well as flexible thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. Taking around seven months to complete, actionable lessons include creating innovative value propositions, capitalising on opportunities and discovering new market positions for sustained competitive advantage.


These courses have been developed to foment creativity in the workplace, recognising it as a valuable asset to businesses competing in an age of constant change. Read about more ways to ignite creativity in the workplace and inspire employees to be drivers of innovation.

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