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Is AI valuable or a threat? The Innovation Summit asks the pressing questions

March 26, 2018


Now in its 8th year but taking place in Europe only for the second time, The Economist Events’ Innovation Summit will be held in London on September 20th. The 2018 edition, which follows summits in Africa and America earlier this month, will focus on the peak hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to the organisers, “an army of startups has been funded to pursue the commercial opportunities [of AI], whilst bosses of big companies increasingly look to implement AI strategies at scale”. There are hopes of massive efficiency gains, but there are also darker predictions of existential threats to humanity.

Welcoming Fortune 500 CEOs, policymakers, academics and disruptive entrepreneurs, the Innovation Summit Europe will pose questions such as ‘where can AI create significant new value?’, ‘where will it mostly undermine existing business models?’, and ‘what can be done to equip the company’s existing workforce?’.

Leading speakers such as Demis Hassabis, founder of AI lab Deep Mind, and robots engineer Jean Pierre Kloppers, will address these pressing issues, by covering subjects such as ‘defining the ROI of AI’, ‘regulating the robots’, ‘the ghost in the smart machine’, and ‘democratizing and diversifying AI’. The event will close with a session in which The Economist editors will discuss the day’s findings, followed by networking cocktails.

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