This is Branson’s best advice. What’s yours?

February 12, 2015

Top Innovators

‘Listen more than you talk’ is the best piece of advice Richard Branson has ever received (his father said this). Virgin group’s founder is one of many influencers who have shared words of wisdom that had and still have an impact on their lives, in a series of LinkedIn posts followed by over 2.5 million people worldwide.

This tip is one of the reasons why Branson always carries ‘a pen and notebook, not to mention an iPad, to note my thoughts’. ‘You never know what you might learn from simply listening to the people around you. Whether it is an attendant on a train, an engineer beneath a spaceship or a customer service rep at a computer, I am endlessly surprised by what new and useful information I can gather just by keeping my ears open,’ he adds.

Richard Branson also stresses that ‘the most successful entrepreneurs I know all have excellent listening skills in common. . . . It is a big universe, and we are all learning more about it every day. If you aren’t listening, you are missing out.’

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