Are creativity and innovation that alike?


How to create meaningful innovation

July 13, 2016

Practitioners' Guide

Designing innovation requires more than just problem solving. Andrew Sinclair, product development manager of Motovated Design & Analysis in Christchurch, New Zealand, recalls a statement made by Stanford’s school of design: know your users, and care about their lives. Similarly, Philips, the leading health technology company, says that meaningful innovation is about understanding people and their experiences.

Both Philips and Stanford thus suggest that ‘truly meaningful innovation occurs when designers and engineers study people, not technology’, notes Sinclair. In an article published on the Idealog website, he argues that, even though innovation frequently is connected to technology, great innovation needs to focus on human-centric problems.

Designers and engineers must learn how to be ‘analytical and empathetic’ at the same time. This means they should understand what’s happening in specific situations and how to make end-users’ heavy weights lighter – or to remove them altogether.

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