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Employee motivation is not a carrot on a stick

January 5, 2017

Advanced Learning

The numbers are striking: 70% of US employees are disengaged and this costs companies $350 billion every year. Yet, creativity and engagement can’t be forced. So, what can employers really do to motivate their teams?

Typically, companies are expected to provide the work, while it’s up to the employees to motivate themselves to get it done. This hands-off approach to motivation is a pervasive management tactic, but also an ineffective one – tending to create an environment where employees’ only goals are to output as much work as possible, rather than produce innovative or quality work.

However, recent studies show that employees want to create innovative, quality work. They want to take responsibility – and they want flexibility to overcome challenges in creative ways. Also, employers who actively motivate their employees are much more likely to have an engaged team, because they create environments where creativity is encouraged.

How can you then help your team reach its full potential? Learn here the facts about employee engagement, as well as 33 interesting motivational techniques.

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