Gibson’s four lenses promise to uncover opportunities

May 2, 2015

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Galileo, da Vinci or Gutenberg, what did they have in common with today’s innovation gurus Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson? More than just true genius, innovation seems to be a product of distinct patterns of creativity and inspired perspectives on the world, as Rowan Gibson argues in his latest book, ‘The Four Lenses of Innovation: A Power Tool for Creative Thinking’ (Wiley/March 2015).

The best-selling author debunks the myth that it takes brilliance to achieve brilliance – a belief that holds us back in our ability to innovate, he says.

By asking how innovators spot revolutionary opportunities, he identifies four ‘key perspectives, or thinking processes, that can enable any of us to come up with incredible new opportunities for innovation and growth’. Gibson calls them the four ‘lenses’ of innovation: challenging orthodoxies, harnessing trends, leveraging resources and understanding needs.

Hoping for that Eureka moment?
Innovation is rarely about moments of pure enlightenment, the author claims. It’s mostly context, skills development and ‘thinking processes inside the human mind that lead innovators to their eureka moments.’

His four-lenses system promises to ‘unlock innovation on the organisational level’, with ‘a methodology and process for generating, capturing, sharing and using powerful insights at the very front end of innovation efforts’.

Recognised as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on business innovation, Rowan Gibson is the co-founder of innovationexcellence.com and the co-author of ‘Innovation to the Core’, which he wrote with Peter Skarzynski. You can read more on Gibson and other innovation management gurus here.

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