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Harvard Business Publishing launches Future Workforce podcast

November 14, 2019

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Recognising the need for a “learning, leadership and talent revolution” to prepare for the future of work, Harvard Business Publishing has launched a new podcast series called Future Workforce.

According to the organisation, more than technology, success in the future of work relies on talent. Hosted by Ellen Bailey, Dalia Molokhi and Larry Clark, the new podcast interviews guest experts to uncover how today’s organisations are developing their leaders for the future of work.

The first episode, entitled ‘Adapting Organizations for the Future of Work’, hears from the director of talent innovation at The Coca-Cola Company, Rishav Gandhi.

He shares insights about how the multinational is changing its thinking about learning and leadership today, and how it is leveraging its talent to prepare for the future of work.

With the issue of preparing a future workforce at the centre of the debate, episodes 2 and 3 look into preparing leaders for the future of work, and the future of leadership development, respectively. The next three episodes will be available in early December.

You can find the first episode of Future Workforce here.

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