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Innovation tops CEOs’ business priorities for the year

February 16, 2017

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More CEOs put innovation first, when asked which priorities they want to strengthen to capitalise on new opportunities. In its twentieth edition, the ‘PwC CEO Survey’ listened to 1379 leaders worldwide to understand how businesses are facing today’s challenges.

After innovation (with 23% of answers), CEOs say they are mostly focused on human capital, and digital and technology capabilities, both with 15%. Ten per cent of interviewees prioritise competitive advantage, while another 10% put customer experience first.

In this special edition, PwC looks at how the world has changed since 1997. Although technology has an increasingly important role in workplaces and in promoting growth, CEOs know that they need talented people and even believe that tech can create more and new jobs. A little over half (52%) plan to hire more employees this year. However, innovative leaders – and ideas – seem to be in short supply.

Dive into the data and learn more about how CEOs are managing man and machine and dealing with the creativity and skills crunch. You can also read the recent KPMG report, ‘The disruptors are disrupted’, on how new technologies are changing the face of the technology industry itself.

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