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Intel launches initiative to promote Middle East’s future digital space

May 21, 2015

Innovation Factory

By 2019, INARA is set to enable and encourage one million young people to drive innovative solutions for a stronger knowledge-based economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Intel Corporation unveiled its new programme during the twelfth Corporate Social Responsibility Summit, in Dubai.

Developed as part of Intel’s 10-year anniversary in the Arab world, INARA will work with governments, educators, industry leaders and non-governmental organisations to promote the region’s digital space and economic competitiveness. The corporation will specifically lead the development of an online Arabic education company to empower twenty-first century learning, as well as fostering regional scientific and technology research with young scientists participating in local fairs.

‘At Intel we believe that enlightening the youth with the twenty-first century skills, combined with a strong focus on maths and science, has become a necessity in the highly competitive and fast changing global job market’, explained Intel’s MENA regional general manager, Taha Khalifa, at the summit.

Read more on the initiative here.

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