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Is there still hope for British manufacturing?

December 10, 2015

Innovation Factory

‘I firmly believe that Britain can again be a world leader in manufacturing. But If Britain doesn’t combine its finest assets and unify innovation with its production capabilities and partner with global leaders, then we stand no hope of improving our current situation,’ writes Steve Lindsey in an article for City A.M. ‘Thought in Britain’ and ‘Made in Britain’ are definitely stronger together, says the founder of Lontra and inventor of the Blade Compressor technology.

The decline of British manufacturing could continue, as China’s industry seeks new, innovative and efficiency-driven offers and methods. However, innovation and innovations – specifically those developed in Britain ‘by encouraging collaboration amongst inventors and manufacturers in the UK’ – can still make British manufacturing a strong global competitor again, Lindsey adds. Yet, this means things have to change – and change fast.

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