‘The New Wave of Entrepreneurship’, by Matt Dawson

May 25, 2016

Advanced Learning

In April 2007, ‘Apple changed everything with the launch of the iPhone’. Lawyers, doctors, car mechanics and professionals across all sectors have, since then, embraced technology as a work-and-beyond tool, writes Matt Dawson, managing partner at Silicon Valley Software Group. A door has been opened: industry executives in contact with – and a deep understanding of – the challenges in their industry will be the next wave of in-demand startup CEOs, Matt believes.

If the late 90s were about Harvard and Masters of Business Administration ‘applying traditional management techniques to leverage brand new Internet technologies’, we are now seeing ‘a new wave of entrepreneurship driven by industry executives with deep product backgrounds leveraging technology to disrupt a traditionally non-tech industry’. Read Matt’s firsthand account of this transformation here.

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