Tata Steel launches open innovation initiative

February 19, 2015

Innovation Factory

Tata Steel is inviting experts and creative thinkers to collaborate in a new open innovation initiative, to ‘generate ideas for product, application, process and service improvements’. As ‘the way of doing business’ changes, some challenges will also focus on ‘new business models’, the company’s website explains.

‘We have to innovate to succeed – this is true in any sector. Using online technology, we’re looking for new partners, possibly even new customers and suppliers, to contribute to our product and process development’, says Pete Longdon, manager of new technology and innovation at Tata Steel.

‘What is clear to us, and indeed many businesses across all industry sectors is that no matter how much we spend on internal research and development or support our core academic networks, we can never have in place the expertise to cover all of our interests,’ the company’s portal states.

The online portal – Tata Steel Innovation – was developed with the support of the Welsh government and partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Find out more on open innovation here.

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