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When technology transforms art

June 1, 2017

Innovation Factory

From prehistoric drawings in caves, art and technology have walked hand in hand, influencing, pushing and challenging each other. But, as in all human activities, technological evolution is today having a wider, more profound and somehow unpredictable impact on both art creation and the industry itself.

Alessandro Perilli, from the open-source IT company Red Hat, explains that technology is enabling and significantly expanding access globally to multiple art forms, as well as to their history and understanding. New technologies are also empowering us and augmenting the ways we express ourselves, as well as allowing the exploration of new artistic techniques.

However, technology is also disrupting and negatively affecting art, or at least generating “grey areas”. Artificial intelligence, “which is getting so sophisticated that it can copy the style of an artist and apply it to new subjects, like the smartphone app Prisma”, is one example, according to Perilli. You can find another here.

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