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The future of work and ways Google apps can help you get there

September 30, 2015


Are you keen to know how new Google tools can help you keep ‘customers and employees happy, bottom-lines at bay and operations efficient and safe’? If so, join the live event ‘How to move your business forward with Google Apps for Work’, on 21 October, at 10 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time.

Google invites ‘leaders of forward-thinking businesses’ to share how they are using these tools and what impacts these apps have had on their business – including WeWork, Made.com and Woolworths.

Rich Rao, director at Google for Work, is also talking about the ‘Google perspective: How to become a forward-thinking business’. Forrester’s Ted Schadler and Sean McCormick are explaining today’s biggest economic trends and Google Apps for Work’s return on investment. Tony Fadell, Alphabet executive and founder of Nest (the home automation producer), is closing the session with a debate on ‘What’s on the horizon?’.

Join the event here.

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