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‘Transformation, innovation, management and efficiency’ have taken office

March 5, 2015

Innovation Factory

Innovation management practices are now at the service of the citizens of Pennsylvania, USA. Governor Tom Wolf has established the Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Management, and Efficiency (GO TIME), to gather insights from all state employees, engaging them in finding solutions for common key challenges.

The new office has been set up to maximise efficiencies, improve services, emphasise public-private partnerships and modernise state government operations – by broadening state employees’ contributions and enhancing and coordinating initiatives organised by different state agencies.

It’s GO TIME to save costs
The office has now its first major challenge: to generate $150 million in cost savings for the 2015–2016 fiscal year.

Pennsylvania is facing a $2.3 billion deficit. ‘Tackling that starts with state government finding innovative ways to increase efficiencies and streamline management,’ Governor Wolf says. Employees’ expertise and experience is an invaluable asset in this process, since ‘every day, workers on the front lines see inefficiencies and ways to improve efforts’, he explains.

Wolf claims his professional background influenced his decision to create this office. ‘As a business owner, I had to constantly look for both savings through efficiency and ways to be innovative to better serve my customers. I did this, first and foremost, by getting input from my employees, which is exactly what we will now do in state government.’

The associated steering committee, led by the secretary of administration, is already asking state agencies and their employees to contribute to this shared effort. Agencies have also been invited to identify key staff to join innovation teams.

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