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Tufts University launches new Master in Innovation and Management

November 12, 2015

Innovation starters

Tufts University’s Gordon Institute, in Massachusetts, USA, has announced the creation of a Master in Innovation and Management. The one-year programme will help recent science and engineering graduates develop essential business and leadership skills, equipping them to join companies or start their own ventures. The first classes begin in September 2016, but interested applicants can sign up for a virtual session, taking place on November 17.

The curriculum includes not only finance, leadership and strategic management but also technology management, Lean Six Sigma and new product development. ‘To stay competitive, companies need leaders who can drive technology-enabled innovation, and our new M.S. in innovation and management addresses this need,’ explains Dr Jianmin Qu, dean of the Tufts School of Engineering.

Unlike other more traditional MBAs, this programme has also been ‘customised for the specific needs and backgrounds of young scientists and engineers who want to have an immediate impact and accelerate their career trajectory’, adds Mark Ranalli, associate dean and director of Gordon Institute (pictured).

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