Webinar: How to grow into the chief innovation officer’s role

June 23, 2015

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With tight calendars and resources, chief innovation officers (CINOs) often face increasing challenges to make their firms evolve, while struggling to keep their positions. Focusing on hot spots to create value, connecting people to find new perspectives – from within and outside companies – and adding new topics to executive dialogues are keys to success, says Elisa O’Donnell, global head of consulting at Imaginatik and webinar speaker on CINOs’ role.

This means that CINOs must also learn to ‘gain the staying power necessary to follow through on their mission’ and to create a climate of innovation where all have a part to play. In line with this, webinar attendees report that their highest innovation priority is to ‘impact culture and engagement’ (54.5%), followed by to ‘execute ideas’ (45.4%).

Hosted by InnovationManagement.se, the online event ‘Best Practices for Growing into the Chief Innovation Officer Role’ also features Chris Townsend, Imaginatik’s chief marketing officer.

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