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What to look for when hiring for innovation: a handful of tips

July 23, 2015

Advanced Learning

As change speeds up and new digital approaches disrupt entire sectors, companies worldwide feel increasingly pressured to capture the best and most innovative talent. But can you distinguish a follower from a potential leader (to rephrase Steve Jobs’ celebrated quote)? What skills and qualities should you be looking for when hiring new people?

Hunt for eclectic curricula vitae (CVs), writes Nevo Hadas, a partner at &Innovation. ‘This multidisciplinary experience gives the innovator a different perspective on the world,’ as innovators are ‘restless spirits’, flitting ‘between different industries and disciplines in search of stimulation’. So, pay attention to CVs with interesting paths or ‘a couple of career changes’.

Lateral thinking may ‘sound obvious’, ‘but, in addition to thinking differently about the world, the innovator knows how to translate thoughts into action’, Nevo Hadas adds. This means you should focus on ‘CVs with multiple job roles within a business or a non-standard role, i.e. an attempt by the business to make this person “fit” into a corporate structure’.

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