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Which business model will disrupt your industry?

August 26, 2015

Advanced Learning

No business model lasts forever, as Uber, Bitcoin, Coursera and others have shown. With game rules changing faster than ever, how can your company overcome orthodoxies to evolve successfully? How can you remain relevant when faced with disruption coming from inside and outside your industry?

Here are two stimulating readings:

  • ‘Disrupting beliefs: A new approach to business-model innovation’: Marc de Jong and Menno van Dijk analyse a process of business-model innovation that enables organisations to ‘skirt constraints and exploit unseen possibilities’.
  • ‘Blockbuster busted part 2: A business model analysis’: In this series of articles, Derek Bennington, an associate at BMGI, goes back in time to understand why Blockbuster failed to evolve fast enough and how it underestimated Netflix. Both business models are ‘dissected here over four stages, each at a chunk of time where each company developed, modified, or innovated their model to become that much more competitive’.

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