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Finding and fostering innovation leadership

January 31, 2019

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Innovation leadership is not just an innate talent, but it can be selected at the hiring level and developed within an appropriate company culture, according to innovation management expert Jean-Philippe Deschamps in his latest book ‘Innovation Leaders: How Senior Executives Stimulate, Steer and Sustain Innovation’.

Aimed at organisations looking to improve their innovation performance, the book is founded on the premise that innovation leadership is a very particular form of leadership that stimulates and sustains innovation. Deschamps, a Harvard Business School graduate and innovation management professor with 40 years of international consulting experience, describes innovation leaders as those who promote the innovation agenda in their company:

They are obsessed with creating value through innovation and mobilise their people to get on board innovation initiatives. However, it is the responsibility of top management to create an attractive climate to develop and keep its innovation leaders.

The book maps the broad territory of innovation leadership, outlining ways for organisations to identify and recognise a company’s innovation leaders. It also helps them distinguish between the different types of innovation strategies and styles of leadership, and develop innovation leadership resources. It combines practice-based and empirical research-based observations with conceptual frameworks, along with company examples and case studies from a broad range of industries.

Delve deeper into what it takes to become an innovation leader, or browse through the courses designed to develop your skills as a leader of innovation.

Read more about the book here.

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