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3 reasons why innovation managers should be looking to big data

June 24, 2019

Innovation Factory

By the end of 2020, the volume of big data will reach 44 trillion gigabytes, with the potential to change the business world exponentially. To compete in the digital age, organisations must harness the data they have available to them and use it to discover hidden insights, new opportunities for growth and ultimately drive innovation.

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The Big Data events for innovation managers

June 18, 2019


Along with Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and machine learning, big data is one of the concepts that is shaping the future of business innovation and is evolving incredibly fast. To keep up with the latest developments and learn more about leveraging your data assets, here are 5 events that deliver actionable insights for innovation managers this year.

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How the world’s leading brands are using big data  

June 12, 2019

Innovation Factory

Terms like big data are often associated to applications related to fields like banking, healthcare manufacturing. But as organisations are coming to realise – and if not, they should be –, big data analytics is an important investment across all industries, and some of the world’s largest corporations are leading the way.

The most innovative companies invest in digital innovation

Four things that the most innovative companies swear by

January 25, 2018

Latest Reports

Companies that capitalise on the four elements of digital innovation, including big data analytics, fast adoption of new technologies, mobile products and capabilities and digital design, out-innovate competitors and grow faster, according to an annual report from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Is big data a threat or opportunity in a disruptive world?

August 8, 2017

Advanced Learning

Waves of disruption are increasing and businesses are more quickly redesigning better products to meet consumers’ expectations. Big data is playing a major part in this. With established brands and companies facing growing competition, executives, innovators and entrepreneurs need to start looking at big data and the opportunities it brings for positive change.

Big Data Innovation Summit

March 30, 2017


The Big Data Innovation Summit returns to London. It aims to celebrate the sixth year of production in style, bringing together an exciting agenda packed full of presentations, workshops, training sessions & panel discussions. The speaker line-up includes industry leading 25+ leading executives and the schedule will cover all areas of the big data journey […]

Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit

March 1, 2017


The fifth annual Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit will bring together over 35 industry speakers, 250+ data pioneers across a variety of industries, to focus on the topic ‘Leverage Big Data To Maximize Business Performance’. It provides you with access to 20+ latest case studies and cutting-edge knowledge with lessons and approved best practices.

all connected - next energy fuel Data

Get ready for the next energy fuel: Data

February 7, 2017


Filipe Mota Pinto, recently nominated Financial Times Top 50 Future Leader Worldwide on Diversity Causes, shares 7 ways for energy companies to stay ahead in the race.

Big Data Innovation Summit -Making Your Data Actionable

January 25, 2017


With internationally renowned speakers and world-class delegates in attendance this summit boasts some of Big Data’s most influential individuals to educate you, inspire you and gives you unprecedented access to incredible networking opportunties.

Global Telecom business players examine transformation at hand

April 7, 2016


How can telecom companies position themselves to take advantage of current changes and trends? This question is central to the next Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Summit, devoted to ‘Telecoms Innovation and Technology’. The event takes place in London, on 25 and 26 May. The winners of GTB Innovation Awards, designed to celebrate collaboration between operators […]