‘Sitting on Untapped Potential – The Power of Your Organisation’s Collective Intelligence’

March 24, 2015

Advanced Learning

By Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

‘Beyond Tech and Elusive Geniuses – The Everyday Innovation Heroes’

March 24, 2015

Practitioners' Guide

By Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s CEO and co-founder

Collective intelligence

March 23, 2015

Innovation Network

The task of coming up with innovative ideas may get lonely. The good news is that the many think better than the few. Collective intelligence teaches you how collaboration and your people’s knowledge have the power to change your business.

Wikinomics: How mass collaboration changes everything

March 23, 2015

Selected Books

DON TAPSCOTT AND ANTHONY D. WILLIAMS Internet allows large numbers of people to collaborate in production processes. This is transforming the business world. A hit in worldwide business literature, Wikinomics explains how mass collaboration is revitalising both modern and traditional companies.

Democratizing Innovation

March 23, 2015

Selected Books

ERIC VON HIPPEL, 2005 Innovation is at everyone’s reach. And it is increasingly centred in the user and shared through user-innovation communities. Professor von Hippel will help you figure out how to be efficiently innovative in this new constantly evolving backdrop.

‘Transformation, innovation, management and efficiency’ have taken office

March 5, 2015

Innovation Factory

Innovation management practices are now at the service of the citizens of Pennsylvania, USA. Governor Tom Wolf has established the Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Management, and Efficiency (GO TIME), to gather insights from all state employees, engaging them in finding solutions for common key challenges.